Saturday, February 21, 2009

I will leave your diapers dripping!

So I was checking out Emma's blog, and was really drawn to this piece. I knew Repo! existed, but I was totally put off by the fact that Paris Hilton was in it. Well, thanks to procrastination and youtube, I am in love. I guess I have a thing for creepy characters (Hisoka from Hunter×Hunter is seriously my first "manga" love) because so far Pavi is my absolute fave. And Paris is actually kind of perfectly fine (dare I say good) as Amber Sweet. I really need to find a way to see this campy goodness.


cait o said...

Oh god, I still don't know if I can watch this movie after your description last night, but I love your expressions in this one. That man in the back is so great.

I am still ecstatic you've been posting so much-- it's lots of fun to see your work. :)

Hitomi Mori said...

We MUST watch it.
We're running out of movies anyway! It will be fantastic.

You know, you could, like, post everyday like you used to too. With me. Ja?

Emma Quinn said...


Emma Quinn said...

Okay now that I've calmed down, um, sorry about that. I get really excited about Repo and I especially love Pavi (and the Largo siblings in general). This picture is SO GOOD I could die.

Anyway, I own the DVD and can lend it to you at any time. I could either gallop over to the Gateway with it or just give it to you in class on Tuesday lol.