Sunday, February 17, 2008


Ok, finished the linework piece posted before:

Ta-da--- very purple!
I wasn't really in love with the linework to begin with, so I just colored it pretty roughly.
Turned out to be a much more "gothic/dark" looking piece than imagined.
It was all fluffy and pastel-y at first...


Robotic_Zombie said...

This is really wonderful.
I was recently at the Center for the Arts in NYC and this would blend into the art gallery.
Very good.

cait o said...

orz Y-you.... D:

I love the colors-- I think with the lace on her arms, the gothic look does fit the piece better. >.>; The pink hair too, kind of that bad-girl feel or something like that. (haha, you're going to be coming to get me in like, ten minutes too and here I am spamming your blog).

I am jealous of the effects you can get with Photoshop, ugh. >_< So nice and not-airbrush-y! <3~