Sunday, February 10, 2008

work work work

Homework for Monday's Photoshop ill class:
One finished color piece and a line drawing.

So here's the color piece...

It's a sailor outfit girl with sword on an asian dragon... in space...?(;´w`) 
I just went crazy with this one since we didn't really have any theme or requirement for it.
The linework is pencil, which was such a butthole to do flats and stuff for...

And this is the line one. I just wanted to draw lace (´w`) 

And this is from Illustration 2.
We got different magazine genres assigned (mine was men's magazines)
and had to do 5 spot illustrations suitable for the horoscope section of said mag.
So I went with a bunch of outfits for men. Couldn't think of anything else really...

From top to bottom / left to right:
Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Leo, and Capricorn.
I kinda had more GQ, less Maxim in mind.
Prof. didn't really like it too much... but I'll post it anyway.


cait o said...

ew you must have finished the coloring and the line work in like three hours, wtf. D:

Love the galaxy background though-- wish it was a winged lion, but I guess your dragon is pretty kickass too.

Let me know what class was like, mmkay? After sleeping for half the day and chugging vast amounts of water, I feel semi-decent. ;;orz

imptwitch said...

poo poo for yoU!