Tuesday, September 23, 2008

art prompt of the week #1

So my roommates/friends and I are doing these prompts that each of us takes turns to think of. Pretty straightforward stuff, it's nice to have some "theme" that all of us take a stab at.

The first prompt : military uniforms, chosen by Marika
This chick is a sexy Bolshevik commie who loves ribbons, riding crops, and her fierce doberman pinscher. I just adore uniforms in general, so this was a real fun doodle to do (>w<)

Hopefully Marika will upload hers soon...


Marika Chew said...

Riding crop = awesome and I like her hat. I'll do mine soon promise.

cait o said...

The bows are love. Every commie needs to coordinate with her dog.

I totally went to sleep instead of doing anything last night, so huzzah to doodling in class!

Al Marks said...

Her uniform is really cool, it's still nice and girly with the ribbons.