Tuesday, September 30, 2008

art prompt of the week #2

Second prompt : steampunk, chosen by kit-cat.

I'm not really familiar with steampunk, so this is just a guess of what COULD be steampunk, MAYBE: alchemist's daughter, big skirt, corset-ish thing, mechanic arm thing, flask etc.

Trying out some more digital painting. I work so much faster when I ink and scan, so I don't think I'll be turning in any assignments for class that are digi-painted.
Still, fun to do! (especially when it's dreary and rainy outside) :3

I get to choose next week... hmmmmmm....


cait o said...

o/ You pretty much got it~ Alchemy+cyborg arm+corset=steampunk. Aaaaaugh, I can't believe you're done already. :x

Lovely character design-- I really like her corset and your color choices are really nice. Do more digital painting! :3

Marika Chew said...

This corset is amazing. Great contrast between her ruffly skirt and her metallic arm.

To answer your previous question, the military shoulder things are called epaulettes. Men should defiantly be required to wear them along with suits all the time. Did you notice that everyone's military piece had them?

the producers said...

Your Pics are very cool .
I Like it! ^^