Friday, September 12, 2008


So for our first assignment for character development we had to design a figure playing a musical instrument (create an interesting silhouette, shape, exaggerate etc)

It's a "Nue", which is basically a Japanese version of a chimera (tiger body, snake tail etc.)
It's also a kind of a thunder-tiger-monster, so I put all sorts of thunder motifs EVERYWHERE.
The instrument is a taiko drum, although I considered a rockin' electric guitar or whatever too.


Being in CD made me realize that I really enjoy seeing other people's work...!
I just really enjoy being around illustration people so much.
Sure, they make me nervous sometimes when I think about all the competition around me, but still! Sooo fuuuun I loooove illustraaaation....

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imptwitch said...

next semester i'll be in an illo class.